For Singapore Airlines, 747 Farewell flight Agency TBWA\DAN\

Singapore Airlines approached us to create an online campaign for the retirement of their Boeing 747 fleet. While the Airline has historically had great, iconic advertising, they’ve been hesitant to enter the digital space – their only online properties were their booking website, Facebook page and Twitter account.

The Challenge

The goal of the site is to present the innovation and story of the Boeing 747 fleet in a narative form incorporating vertical and horizontal scrolling mechanics to tell the story. There were many research done into current vertical, horizontal, parralax scrolling plugins that are available online, however there were not one that would fit our needs. Therefore the scrolling engine of the site was entirely custom built.

The Insight

There were tonnes of contents and all of these have to be offloaded. The initial load of the website will take care of the vertical scrolling intros, the structure and the horizontal scrolling timeline. But the content is being fed from an external XML file. These reduces the loading time very much. The contents are also loaded and arranged into grids. There are 7 grids that are built with jQuery. This allows the designer to choose which grids fits the best for which contents, allowing for a fluid content flow and flexibility for the designers.

Watch case study video
Visit Site. Site is no longer live, this is hosted on my own domain. (Its an old website… so pardon me for the poor loading time)

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